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    • I have been terribly busy recently shoveling pixels and clearing out the tubes that make up the Internet, so I haven\'t had a chance to tweet recently. I am truly very sorry about this, so with just a bit more prodding I\'ll update as soon as possible.

Kite Aerial Photography


Today Matthijs and I had some fun trying out our new and DIY Kite and Camera rig! We tested the KAP rig and it was perfect! The wind wasn’t so good though, it was really shifty and most of the time there was too little, so we couldn’t make any decent photo’s from up in the air. But at least we know the rig works and pans and tilts! Hopefully…


Photo’s of the Sturier 520 OC


Last weekend we went on a trip with the Blauwe Boekanier, a Sturier 520 OC motoryacht. It’s a beautiful luxurious yacht. In Sturiers the emphasis is on seaworthiness. The stability curve and the oscillation frequency have an important part to play in the design of the hull, which determines the ship’s seaworthiness and its handling at sea. Take a look at the pics of the boat!


Protest Cable Call Photo’s

Really nice weather @ the Protest Cable Call World Series Wakeboard!

This weekend is the Protest Cable Call in Nieuwegein @ Downunder! Really nice atmosphere and cool wakeboarders. Very good for some nice photography work! Take a look at the photo’s I made during this event:


Driving @ the old days – Portrait Series


My Collegue Kim had a nice idea to use a beautiful old car from our next door neighbors for a photoshoot! It turned out well! Take a look at the the nice photo series we made in the old russian GAZ M23 V8 Volga @ Flickr!